Using RPGs with Family Systems


Using RPGS with Family Systems

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the use of RPGs with family systems. There will be a brief description of systems theory. We will then explore the application of systems theory to RPGs. We will identify some interventions, challenges, and successes when running RPGs with family systems.

Mary Devorak, MS, LMFT (She|They)

Outpatient Therapist

I have been a licensed marriage and family therapist for six years. I started out as a skills worker, seeing kids and their families in their homes and the community. I then spent four years managing a Youth ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team, where I also got to work in the community with adolescents, young adults, and their families. I currently work as an outpatient therapist. Additionally, I am a death doula and certified in Medical Family Therapy. I also stream with CASTT Gamers in the bi-weekly show, Gays of Our Lives, about playing Queer games with Queer people.

For approximately three years, I have been running RPGs with families. I have used both Dungeons and Dragons and the Kids on Bikes systems with clients. I also have a special interest in using games to heal and process through grief.

I identify as an autistic, queer therapist with a love of cats, Borderlands, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I actively practice Mahayana Buddhism, and find myself being the one to look for nonviolent solutions in games.

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