Using RPGs in Conflict Resolution


Using RPGs in Conflict Resolution

The RORPG method is a process of running RPGs with the purpose of discussing the intersection of identity in our greater society. We will discuss ways that RPGs can specifically be designed to highlight and interrogate identity, while offering space for reflection and growth. Post-Conflict concepts will be built into the session material for consideration.

Josh Heath, MA, IPCR (He|Him)

Chief Operations Officer
High Level Games: Reach-Out Roleplaying Games

Josh is a nerd about analog role-playing games, ethnic identity, and conflict. He's got an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and he founded Reach-Out Roleplaying Games (RORPG) do develop a method to use TTRPGs in intercultural dialogue.

Josh is also a freelancer in the TTRPG industry with nearly 100 publications under his belt. His work has been translated in 3 different languages and his projects range from 5e fantasy to horror.

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