Using Geek Culture for Improving Health and Fitness


Using Geek Culture

To give people ideas for how to use their favorite game mechanics and geek narrative to improve their health, fitness, or just learning to love movement and exercise again.

Dr. Salvador Abiera, DPT, PT


Dr. Salvador holds a doctorate in physical therapy from Chapman University and is a practicing physical therapist. He is the founder of FortifySTR, Inc. which focuses on adding story and narrative to the health and fitness industry. He currently lives in Irvine, CA with his wife, son, and fur baby.

Dr. Sal is the founder of FortifySTR, Inc. a company whose goal is to demystify health and to make fitness an adventure. We incorporate narrative, dungeons and dragons, gaming, art, game mechanics, and humor to educate and inspire nerds to better health. We pride ourselves on sharing the latest, evidenced based practices for rehabilitation, wellness and fitness while making it accessible to everyone.

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