Using Game Play to Change Your Voice Gender Presentation for Therapeutic Purposes


Using Game Play

Learn how I use board games and role play to engage clients and help them navigate through difficult topics in speech therapy. This workshop is all that stands between you and saving the world with your gender diverse character role play.

Learning Objectives 1. Understand how voice can impact client's emotional state and readiness to learn.

2. Understand how to use three role-playing board games to get past dysphoria and anxiety.

3. Demonstrate voices in three different genders.

Tallulah Breslin MS, CCC/SLP (She|Her)

Vocally Specialized Speech Language Pathologist
Harmonic Speech Therapy

Born and raised in Austin, Tallulah was taught from a young age to appreciate and celebrate diversity.

Inspired by her friends and family who struggled with their voices during transition, Tallulah specializes in gender expressive voice training. She uses her work to help others express their true selves and overcome the harmful effects of the binary gender classification system.

Her masters in speech, language, and hearing science, training as a speech language pathologist, and ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration guides her voice coaching methodology.

Many people struggle with the sound of their voice. I train you how to explore your voice so you can confidently align your speaking voice with your gender, presentation, personality, and expression.

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