Unleash the Geek Within!

The Therapeutic and Applied Geek and Gaming community wouldn’t be what it is today if not for so many mental health workers and educators letting their Geek flags fly in the work they do.

That’s why the theme of TAGGS 2022 is Unleash the Geek Within! We can’t wait to share the stories of how expressing and embracing each other’s fandoms was hard at times, but ultimately worth it. From how it helped us understand our clients better to how it made us feel heard and became the foundation of life-long friendships.

Over the years we’ve heard many students and early-career professionals say that they can’t be themselves at work or their geeky ideas have been rejected. So they ask: How can I be me at work? We hope TAGGS 2022 will not only answer that question but also inspire us all to bring what matters to use to our work.

Are you coming to TAGGS 2022?

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