Therapeutic and Educational TTRPG in Germany


Therapeutic and Educational TTRPG in Germany

I have ben working as therapeutic and educational TTRPG GM for more than a year now in occupational therapy with children in Germany and want to share my experience.

I modify and design TTRPGS for educational and therapeutic purpose and am now planning to try something similar with elder people.

Kathrin Fischer (She|Her)


I started playing ttrpg more than 20 years ago (starting with "The Dark Eye" and "MERP"). Following my interest for literature and weird creatures, I studied biology and German language and literature at Cologne University aiming to become a teacher, but still fucused on the fantasy- and scifi-motifs. After that I have been working as a teacher for children of all ages for several years.

Two years ago I started to notice ttrpg as a valid teaching method, when I playing with my own children. I started creating ttrpg for school subjects and am now working together with occupational therapists to use ttrpg for therapeutic purpose.

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