Tabletop Therapy for Different Populations: Lessons from Private Practice and College Counseling


Tabletop Therapy

This discussion is meant to share insight into gaming therapies across different populations. Specific examples, items I wish I knew, anything is fair game. Come with questions, ideas, and everything in between.


William Nation, MA

Doctoral Intern
Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center

I am a doctoral candidate at Texas Woman’s University, on my final training year here at Hopkins. I hold a master’s degree in community counseling from Loyola University Chicago.

My research interests and dissertation cover the topic of Hikikomori, a condition where adolescents socially isolate in extreme ways. My research also covers the various topics of social isolation generally. In my work I often integrate my personal identities and interests, bringing nerdy and pop culture references and examples to help relate to my clients. I have also been known to incorporate games like Dungeons and Dragons into my work.

I currently facilitate and have originated tabletop gaming groups in two of my training settings and hope to further the field by sharing what I have learned so far.

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