Leveraging Geek Culture to Develop Therapeutic Relationships with Youths and Their Parents


Leveraging Geek Culture

Talk about how implementing geek culture (Specifically anime and gaming) has helped me (A medical doctor) develop therapeutic relationships with children and their parents and how that has affected the quality of medical care.

The presentation details various case reports on how discussions of geek culture have benefitted patient care and how neglect or ignorance of these topics has lead to deteriorating therapeutic relationships in a psychiatric hospital setting. Then open the discussion to the audience to speak about their own experiences.

Dr. Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate, M.D. (He|Him)

Chief Medical Advisor
Geek Therapy

Medical Doctor, working towards Psychiatry Residency and working with children and adolescents population. Avid fan of all things geek but mostly video games and anime.

Content creator for Geek Therapy. Cohost of “Here Comes a Thought” A Steven Universe and Psychology podcast and “Otaku Ryoho”, Geek Therapy’s anime podcast.

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