Level Up Your Grade: Using Gamification in College Course Design


Level Up Your Grade

This presentation will look at how gamification was used in designing a General Psychology course at a community college. Going beyond a simple xp/level design, Dr. O'Connor will cover the projects for the course, point system, theory behind the design, how students worked together, and student outcomes.

Dr. Patrick O'Connor, PsyD

Creator of Comicspedia
College of Dupage
MiraCara Neuro Behavioral Health

Patrick O'Connor, PsyD created Comicspedia, an online database of categorized comic book summaries to help therapists find the right comics to use in therapy. He has practiced clinical work for about seven years, specializing in treating teen and young adult males. Patrick often brings video games, tabletop games, and comic books into therapy and co-developed a course with Josué Cardona called "Geek Culture in Therapy," which was offered in the Clinical PsyD program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 2013-2016.

With an additional eight years of teaching experience, he has taught at every level of higher education from community college to graduate school. Patrick utilizes gamification in his General Psychology courses and has published research on the topic in the Journal of Education.

His favorite video game is Apex Legends, favorite tabletop game is Mysterium, and favorite comic book is Irredeemable.

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