How to Document Progress Notes for Gaming and Geek Intervention


How to Document Progress Notes for Gaming and Geek Interventions

Writing progress notes can be confusing and dull. Often times we choose the same go-to phrases, feeling both uninspired and bogged down by the work. Additionally, when we combine Geek passions, it can be hard to convey how these interventions were clinically necessary, meeting client needs and aligning with their treatment plan. In this workshop, Ariel will provide ways to conceptualize what is happening in a Geek therapy session, in order to provide new vigor and clarification to your clinical documentation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Write progress notes that are legal and ethical
  2. Identify Geek therapy interventions in clinical documentation
  3. Conceptualizing an intervention through a clinical Geek therapy lens

Ariel Landrum LMFT

Clinical Director
Guidance Teletherapy

Ariel has been running a telehealth private practice out of Reseda, California since 2016. She works with survivors of sexual assault, military members and their families, and members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Ariel is the cohost of The Happiest Pod On Earth podcast, which is part of the Geek Therapy Network.

Follow her on Instagram @airyell3000 and @guidanceteletherapy

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