Gaming in the Pandemic


Gaming in the Pandemic

A presentation on how bereavement and grief are shown and used in video games, and how they can expand outside of the games.

  1. Discuss the distinctions between bereavement, grief, death, and dying.
  2. Investigate examples of them in video games
  3. How to use these video games as conversation starters or supports.

Link Keller (They|She)

Media Psychologist, Geek Therapy

Co-host on GT Radio, Media Psychology PhD student, Lover of video games and talking about our inevitable mortality!

Lara Taylor Kester, LMFT (She|Her)

Chief Clinical Advisor
Geek Therapy

Dr. Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate, M.D>

Chief Medical Advisor
Geek Therapy

Medical Doctor, working towards Psychiatry Residency and working with children and adolescents population. Avid fan of all things geek but mostly video games and anime. Content creator for Geek Therapy. Cohost of “Here Comes a Thought” A Steven Universe and Psychology podcast and “Otaku Ryoho”, Geek Therapy’s anime podcast.

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