Of Math & Magic


Of Math & Magic

Using Magic: the Gathering cards as a framework for teaching math through mathematical modeling, cards as manipulatives, and linear/non-linear patterns to gameplay.

Attendees will:

1. Understand the rules and Mechanics of Magic: the Gathering.

2. Understand linear/non-linear patterns in context.

3. Be able to apply the use of Magic: the Gathering to teaching mathematical concepts

Matthew Baezhold (He|They)

Magic Training Ground

Matthew Baetzhold is a private educator in the Asheville, NC area. His teaching journey started with Snowboarding and Tutoring in the late 90's. Through his career he has worked for private and public institutions, including 8 years as Academic Coordinator for the SUNY Fredonia Upward Bound Program. Matthew has always brought a passion to teaching, his greatest joy is sharing what he knows and what he has learned.

Through all of this Matthew has been a gamer and seeks to promote games as a key to learning about the world. In 2015, he started an after school program focused on Magic: the Gathering. The club branched into a competitive youth team. He has since started clubs in other schools and incorporated games into his tutoring practice.

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