“Corrupting the Youth” – A Brief History of the Demonization of Geek Hobbies and Media


Corrupting the Youth

Comics, pinball games, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, most new forms of music and even novels have all been accused of driving young people to crime, insanity or Satanism.

I'll give a brief overview of the history of attempts to suppress our favorite hobbies, and show how these misrepresentations still color the perception of geek culture today.

Learning Objectives:

1. Know the history of various "panics" over new media and hobbies.

2. Learn the tactics used to suppress these new media and hobbies.

3. Understand the historical context of current attempts to suppress new hobbies and media.


Brian St. Claire-King (He|Him)

Creative Director
Vajra Enterprises

Brian is the creative director and head writer of the publishing company Vajra Enterprises. Brian's parents were Buddhist ministers. He has studied computer science, psychology, anthropology, sociology and history. He enjoys photography, urban exploration, cooking, swimming and collecting books.!

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