Easy Adaptations for Accessible Tabletop and Videogaming!


Easy Adaptations

This presentation would go over some of the most common adaptations and accessibility features in both tabletop and videogaming and how/when to use them. Could also work well as a poster! I'm also willing to focus on one or the other, if that works better. Gaming for everyone!

Learning Objectives 1. Understand 3-4 common adaptations for tabletop gaming. 2. Understand 3-4 common adaptations and/or accessibility features for video games. 3. Best practices for how/when to use them.

Hilary Andreff, MS, OTR/L, ASCP(MB)

Occupational Therapist
INVO Therapy

Hilary is an occupational therapist that loves meaningfully engaging with nerdy hobbies, from tabletop games and video games to martial arts.

She presented a poster on a multi-level (low and high tech) approach to video gaming at the AOTA occupational therapy conference and is a repeat participant and winner in local MIT health hackathons.

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