Critical Core: Role-Playing Games and the Future of Social-Skills Enrichment


Critical Core

Critical Core is a therapeutic tool designed to harness the potential of table-top role playing, and collaborative gaming for social skill enrichment, social emotional development and executive skill building.

Join us to learn about the origin story of Critical Core, the vision behind the game as a support for neurodiversity and how aspects of Critical Core can easily be applied in homes, therapy centers and classrooms!

You do not need to teach a social skills curriculum - harness the power of role playing games instead! Because the game taps into each child's inner drive the skills practiced and learnt generalize and will also be evident in home and classroom environments. Critical Core is a powerful therapeutic tool for parents, educators, therapists, mental health clinicians and is appropriate for school settings, clinics, mental health, hospitals and other settings.

Critical Core was conceptualized and designed by a school teacher and drama therapist (Adam Davis) a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Adam Johns) and an Occupational Therapist (Virginia Spielmann). It was successfully funded on Kickstarter with $244,162 pledged of $48,000 goal.

Adam Davis, MA.Ed

Executive Director
Game to Grow

Adam Johns, LMFT

Executive Director
Game to Grow

Adam Johns is a LMFT and has worked as a professional therapeutic game master for nearly 10 years, and is the founder of Game to Grow.

Virginia Spielman

Occupational Therapist
Critical Core

British Trained Occupational Therapist, Executive Director of STAR Institute, Affiliate Faculty at Colorado State University, ICDL DIR/Floortime Clinical Advisory Board, Co-founder and Director of Critical Core, Game to Grow

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