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Level Up Your Grade: Using Gamification in College Course Design

2021 Level Up Your Grade This presentation will look at how gamification was used in designing a General Psychology course at a community college. Going beyond a simple xp/level design, Dr. O’Connor will cover the projects for the course, point system, theory behind the design, how students worked together, and student outcomes. Dr. Patrick O’Connor,…

Mental Health Representation in Video Games

2021 Mental Health Representation in Video Games An overview of how mental illness is portrayed in video games and what these portrayals reflect about society’s perception of mental illness. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify mental health representation beyond just characters and narratives 2. Gain understanding how mental illness is portrayed in games vs other medium 3….

Using RPGs with Family Systems

2021 Using RPGS with Family Systems The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the use of RPGs with family systems. There will be a brief description of systems theory. We will then explore the application of systems theory to RPGs. We will identify some interventions, challenges, and successes when running RPGs with family systems….

Is it Safe? – Building True Safe Space at the Gaming Table

2021 Is it Safe? A lot of people talk about safe space at the table and everyone knows about consent and safety tools, but how much do we know about the challenges and process to building a true safe space. Merely saying you have the X Card does not automatically mean that your tables and…

Critical Core: Role-Playing Games and the Future of Social-Skills Enrichment

2021 Critical Core Critical Core is a therapeutic tool designed to harness the potential of table-top role playing, and collaborative gaming for social skill enrichment, social emotional development and executive skill building. Join us to learn about the origin story of Critical Core, the vision behind the game as a support for neurodiversity and how…

How to Document Progress Notes for Gaming and Geek Intervention

2021 How to Document Progress Notes for Gaming and Geek Interventions Writing progress notes can be confusing and dull. Often times we choose the same go-to phrases, feeling both uninspired and bogged down by the work. Additionally, when we combine Geek passions, it can be hard to convey how these interventions were clinically necessary, meeting…

Grief in Video Games

2021 Grief in Video Games A presentation on how bereavement and grief are shown and used in video games, and how they can expand outside of the games. Discuss the distinctions between bereavement, grief, death, and dying. Investigate examples of them in video games How to use these video games as conversation starters or supports….

Introducing the TAGGS Vault

When we planned the first TAGG Summit 2021, we decided that all events would be recorded and made available for everyone to access for free, one year after the event. So now, one year later we’re happy to announce the TAGGS Vault! Inspired by other events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the TAGGS Vault…